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Love is …

Love is not love until it’s felt and received as such by the person on the receiving end.

Personally ( key word here, makes it an opinion, not a fact ), I don’t think love should be generalised, it needs to be differentiated. There are general things a person can do that shows love, I.e. Being kind, being understanding, being considerate etc etc etc. However, these are basic and general things and needs to be taken deeper.

It can become a tad frustrating when you’re there thinking you’re loving someone with all your heart and being and energy, but the person on the receiving end is not recieving it as such, they seem unbothered and unmoved though your efforts are appreciated. We then turn around and brand that person as “ungrateful” or “hard to love” when realistically, they appear as such because you’re not loving them in a way THEY perceive love to be.

We don’t all like the same things, we’re not all moved by the same things. You can give someone your last £50 and they’ll think “wow ! This person really loves me”and you can give that same £50 to someone else and they’ll think “wow, this person is a good person”

Take time to get to know a person

Tis long and can become hard work, but tis nessesary . After all, it is the greatest thing !

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
Side note : You need to be able to discern when someone just doesn’t want your love, even when you go about it the right way. Definitely don’t force yourself on anyone ( that’ll be awks ! ) you could always love from a distance…. Right ?


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